Parents and Students Accessing Pearson and Nelson Digital Resources

Please see the following:

Nelson Resources

In response to COVID-19, Nelson wants to ensure students have access to the resources they need to continue learning at home. As a result, they are providing open access to a variety of student resources to support at home learning. Access to myNelson will be available until June 30, 2020 at no cost.

Educators with an existing myNelson account will continue to have access to the resources associated with their account. For those without an account, please note the table below which contains the account credentials for a generic elementary and secondary account. To log into myNelson, refer to the table below.


myNelson Login Account Credentials Elementary Teachers (4-8) Secondary Teachers (9-12)
Access Link User Name ontario48 on912
Password NelsonON123 NelsonON123


For additional support from Nelson, click on this link:

Pearson Resources

In support of students, teachers, parents, and caregivers during COVID-19, Pearson Canada is providing the opportunity to continue the learning experience at home. Please click here for a palette of links to Pearson’s K-12 resources at no cost. To access the Pearson resources, you will have to utilize two additional apps,

Texidum and Kivuto. The first is to “purchase” the book (books are free), and the second is to read it. Students will need to use these apps as well, but will need parental guidance as they must be 18+ to use it. Parents canuse their emails. To protect students, Pearson asks only for the student’s first name and first letter of their lastname.

For additional support from Pearson, please contact Lisa Martin (