SMAL makes the News!

Today, Monday April 6th 2020, our Education Minister Stephen Lecce thanked the good work that is being done at St Michael the Archangel with our 3D Printer.   Before watching the clip below, here is a short synopsis of our plan to help #flattenthecurve and combat #covid19. Here’s the story….

Ms. Bortolussi and Mrs Zuccaro began the process of retrieving the 3D printer last week. We created an ACTION PLAN outlining our sincere intent and goal to help fight COVID19 in the best possible way we know how….helping front line workers stay safe and healthy as they tend to the sick. First, we reached out to Mr. Gigliozzi, former Teacher at SMAL and current Vice Principal at St. Brendan CES.  They had given their 3D printer to the Mayor of Stouffville to make protective equipment for their local hospital. Superintendent Opiyo Oloya and Director of Education Ab Falconi were extremely proud to hear of both Mr Gigliozzi as well as our plan, and issued a positive approval to retrieve the printer right away! Currently, Mr and Mrs Zuccaro have been working at home creating the headband piece of the face shield.  Ms. Bortolussi, in her leadership role, has been checking in a few times a day, and offering to help in whatever way she can. Our plan is to ship our headbands made by the 3D printer to InkSmith located in Kitchener whereby they will install a plexi-plastic piece to form the face shield. These face shields are approved and regulated by Health Canada and will be distributed to health care institutions across Ontario. The process of making one headband is approximately 2-2.5 hours long. But, its worth it! Tune in at 1PM on Thursday to Mrs Zuccaro’s Google Meet (link to be shared) to see what’s going on!  In the meantime, check out the video below…thanks to our Education Minister for the shout out!

 Wishing all our St Michael the Archangel families well and God speed! We hope to see you soon- until then, stay healthy and well my friends.