SMAL CES School Anaphylaxis Plan


As you are aware, St. Michael the Archangel CES is an allergen safe school as we have many students who are susceptible to severe anaphylactic reactions which could be life threatening.

Our allergens range from peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, fish crustaceans, soy, wheat and egg. Please DO NOT SEND food/products with these allergens to school.

If any of the above named food items are ingested, the allergic reaction could be fatal within minutes. Just touching a surface that has come in contact with any of the allergens listed above can also trigger a severe allergic reaction.

Thank you for not sending any foods that may contain these allergens in your child’s lunches, nor any lotions, creams or hand sanitizers containing these allergens to school.

Please remind your child not to share their snacks and lunch with other children.  Students will also be asked to wash hands before and after snacks and lunches.

Please accept our appreciation for your understanding and for everything you do to help keep our classroom a healthy and safe environment for all our students.

SMAL CES School Anaphylaxis Plan 2020