School Nutrition Program

We are pleased to announce that St. Michael the Archangel has launched the Student Nutrition Program offered by YCDSB.  This program is designed to give all students the opportunity to have access to making healthy food choices.  Making healthy food choices promotes healthy living.  As a Catholic School Community our goal is to ensure our students grow up with healthy bodies, minds and spirits.  The Student Nutrition Program can help improve students’ ability to pay attention, concentrate on their schoolwork, exhibit good behaviour, and attend classes more often. The program offers food that is safe and nutritious and allows for community involvement and community building. Thank you to our Catholic School Council for supporting this program.  We look forward to creating a healthy learning environment for all our students.

A huge thank you to:

  • Mike and Carla from Mike’s No Frills on Highway 7 and Martingrove for their generous donation of healthy snacks including apples, clementines, cheese strings, yogurt, and cereal bars.
  • Marco Genovese, the owner of Joseph’s Nutless Clusters,  for his generous donation of bite size healthy clusters.
  • Mrs. Romanin for connecting us with Nature’s Emporium in Maple and picking up some healthy snacks for us.
  • A huge thank you to Mrs. Paulo and Mrs. Bryant for their generous donation of healthy snacks and gift cards for the SNP.

It is thanks to your kindness and generosity that we were able to launch the SNP at SMAL. Your support is greatly appreciated.