Please be reminded that the Kiss ‘n Ride is only to be used for drop off and pick up.  If you have to park and get out of your vehicle (to walk your child or to get backpacks) then you should not be using the Kiss ‘n Ride.  In this case, we ask that you park in the parking lot to allow for a smooth flow of traffic through the loop.

In addition, Mr. Moncada and I are present in that area to ensure the safe drop of our students.  We are there in all kinds of weather, unless we have to be somewhere else.  Therefore, we would appreciate your cooperation when we provide you with directions.  Raising your voices at us in anger is never appropriate.  Please remember that you and every other parent/family member are there for the same reason–to get your child to school safely and on time.  Please note that arriving early, right at the 8:55am time, is encouraged as it is less busy.  Thank you for your ongoing support of the staff and students of SMAL.