Pick Up/Drop Off Routine

The children’s safety is a concern to all of us. The expectation is that drivers will respond to traffic signs and they will be cautious when approaching the school area. As parents, it is reasonable to expect a safe “drop-off” zone for the children. Hence, the question: “Where can I stop in order to off load my child(ren)?” First, the drop off loop is ideal to drop off children in a safe and expedient manner. When dropping off children in this Kiss & Ride area, please be considerate of other vehicles by moving along quickly. Supervision begins at 8:55am. An early arrival means less congestion in the Kiss N’ Ride. If you plan to accompany your JK/SK child, please do not park in the loop. Parking on the street or in the parking lot is available.

Should you wish to park on the street please remember to not block any driveways and please do not park too close to the school driveways. Buses need additional space to turn safely without clipping the front or back end of a stopped/parked car. U-turns are prohibited and would create a danger in any school area. In order to ensure student safety, please respect all traffic signs and placement of pylons. We respectfully ask you not to remove the pylons and not to enter from the front driveway marked “Do Not Enter”. As a gentle reminder, please ensure the safety of children by having them wear seatbelts correctly, at all times.

Please remember that parents are not to enter onto the pavement. Teachers are on supervision duty from 8:55 am to 9:10 am. Please drop off your child/ren at the appropriate gate and remain off school property.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.